The goal with TRIBE Compete is to create an effective and fun training blueprint, to help athletes improve their performance for online and local and national functional fitness competitions.


Through this program, athletes will gain access to the specific tools they need to succeed in competition while also growing a strong community of like-minded individuals.

This is not a program for those focused on reaching the Games. We are much more concerned with the everyday competitor who wishes to succeed and have fun with local, and national level competitions. By no means does this take away from the quality of programming. But building a strong community is our priority, and having others around to push us on this journey is the next.





Competitions are year round and the need for an athlete to be physically prepared all year round is a must.


Athletes looking to do well in the Open and succeed in local comps need a heavy dose of GPP. They need a program that is going to prepare them well for the workouts, loading ranges, and equipment usually found in these events. The long and short of it is you need to be prepared year round and consistently get good at doing fitness.


With this in mind, your year-long training phases will be varied, functional, and intense. You will be working on all elements of your fitness all year round. In our mind, this is one of the most fatal flaws in “isolation” based training – that at certain times you specifically neglect elements of your training. With Tribe Compete, you will taper and peak into the Open, but you will never specifically neglect an element of your fitness. All year long you will be working on getting faster, stronger, more conditioned, and more skilled.


We place a high priority on conditioning. Everyday you will see some version of aerobic base building whether long, short, interval-based, recovery-based, or mixed modal.


Why? Because of all the things that most athletes are lacking is a bigger, more efficient engine. Simply put, you need to be very highly conditioned to be successful.


Our Version of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Our program is well-rounded and challenging.  Our GPP program doesn’t pull any punches. Your entire skill set will be tested. Don’t avoid workouts or movements. This is your opportunity to approach workouts smartly, train hard, attack weaknesses, and test yourself without falling into training your strengths. This is an unbiased GPP program that will help you grow.


Our final session for strength/skill is built around parts A + B. Through the week you will develop skills, train additional strength, and practice both of these in additional training sessions. This will be a blend of practice and training. The volume associated with this will be directly related to the time of year.  Here the volume will be the heaviest during building periods and greatly reduced during taper periods.


TRIBE MEMBERS - This is a bolt on to your current membership and will be charged at £30 p/m. Please chat with Head Coach James about adding this to your membership.

NON TRIBE MEMBERS - You can access this program remotely for £60 p/m. However you will not have access to coaches or the rest of the community throwing down together. 

Tribe members should continue to attend classes as a staple of their programming. Including this as a bolt on to your membership will give you access to the gym floor after your class for additional programming.


Contact James today. Call or text for more information on - 07850540295